I have kept writing a journal for more than 10years. So if someone ask me a question that why can you keep on this for a long time. I will answer why is so important to keep a daily journal. Because keeping this habit really change my life. My thoughts, my feeling and my desires.
Well now I will answer to this question.
Firstly: you might want to keep these daily entries for yourself so that you can remember what you were thinking, feeling, or wanting during that time in your life.
Secondly: you can even pick out the kind of journal that you are wanting to buy so that writing in it is even more interesting to you. You can pick the topic you want to write on and go from there. It is a great way to vent out any frustrations or whatever you are feeling that day. Writing for some is a great way to connect with their feelings, etc. That is a great reason alone to write in a journal.
Another great answer is that if you are a religious person, you could write down a spiritual moment if you had one. That would be a great way to engrave into your memory what you were thinking and feeling that day. If you wanted too as well you could share it with a family member so that they can read what was written.
What if you had a desire to be more friendly and outgoing? Well jotting down you wants and desires is a great way to put those into memory. You could write it down and act on those wants and desires. Later on you can read back to see if you met those desires and see if it helped you achieve the goals that you set for yourself.
All in all a journal is wonderful to use to remember special or important little details that you were wanting to write about. Journals can be used for any type of writing which is very helpful! That’s the beauty of a journal, you can decide on what kind you want it to be and if you so choose, you can share it with a loved one.